ATTENTION: Subscribers in Mazatlan

Equipment Change for Your Satellite TV services
(If your dishes use the older “KU” data stream)

Shaw Direct has announced that they will discontinue the “original” data stream that your system uses. The “newer” data stream,  introduced recently, requires a different LNB for one of the two dishes on your roof.

We are beginning to replace the LNBs this summer, 2017, and will be visiting your home soon. The same day that we visit your home, the data stream for your equipment will be changed to the newer data stream. If you are not in Mazatlan or otherwise not available, it will be necessary for you to phone Francisco (cell 669-918-0808) to re-schedule.

There will be a one-time cost for the LNB replacement which includes LNB replacement, dish re-alignment (required) and overall checkup of your system. The cost is US$95 and should be paid directly to the installer.

If you have any questions, please call.

Service Dept: Cell 669-918-0808

Office: 669-910-0270 (cell 669-106-0966)