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08/217/21 – While we have had a few issues missing a show we wanted to record, or when there are sunspots, on the whole we have been very satisfied with the Shaw system. What we have been VERY satisfied with is the local service when we have had a problem. You have always been available to help us solve the issue. Thank you. JP

05/26/21 – Very professional! Paul was great! Very excited about Maz Satellite – really stand behind their product/service. Excellent installation and service, too. DE

01/19/21 – Great very happy with this Satellite AB

12/204/20 – Excellent bargain, we enjoy the service every day. CB

06/22/20 – I’ve had the service for two years and I couldn’t be more pleased. I get great reception and up until this point have not had one issue or problem. Maz Satellite can’t be beat for English language television. JH

03/26/20 – Paul was very helpful with information. Francisco was always available to answer questions and provide service. Carlos and Bryan provided excellent installation services. Ordered the satellite service in the morning and it was up and running by the afternoon. Love it! FT

12/16/19 – I’m selling my home and leaving all the info of your service along with my dish, so whoever buys it can reconnect. I have always had great service with you so I will pass it on to the new owners. LS

11/12/19 – I enjoy maz sat. great service PW 

10/23/19 – It’s so nice to get English speaking news and shows on TV, it keeps us in touch with the world. Paul gives us immediate service. Thank you. JT 

09/13/19 – Mary did a great job of charging my Visa account. I’m very happy I’m able to get my own stations from Seattle Washington . Feels like I’m home and I’m in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Thx. Very comfortable with my TV menus. GH 

08/31/19 – Fast service. Lots of help for non savy tech person. Great reception. HS

06/23/19 – Love the service! Have had it for a year and have had no problems. The initial set up was tricky but Paul and Francisco were really helpful and much sooner than I had expected I had service. Highly recommended. The only option for English language TV in Mexico, as far as I am concerned. JH

03/11/19 – We have been very satisfied with the service that we have received from Maz Satellite and the choice of channels that they provide. DM


11/10/18 – Greetings Paul, I love the Shaw service you provide. AC

11/05/18 –  Just wanted to send you a note about how happy we are with the new TV system. It was a monumental effort to get all the units wired. DK

10/28/18 – It’s working great! Thank you so much. I have been coming to PV every year since 1975. This is the First time we ever got HD here. SO much better. Especially since we have it in Canada. TV looked awful here after we had it there. BB

10/27/18 – The TV is working very well now. The technician did a fantastic job that really required him to be innovative. The end result is a very professional job. Please pass on my thanks again and our appreciation. He is an excellent technician. WY

07/15/18 – Thanks very much, Paul. I will definitely enjoy having satellite for the weekend. BTW, Francisco Jr. was a pleasure to deal with—very professional. JH

06/28/18 – I just wanted to drop you a note on Francisco Jr. He did a great job on the installation, tracing cables etc. amongst the mess we have here and all the other contractors that were here. Very nice man. BA

03/15/18 – My Satellite TV is my only means of entertainment! Thank you for your service. MB

02/09/18 – I’m very happy, because your Jose and Jose worked hard to fix the problems I was having. They moved a dish up on the roof, and I now have all of the channels that I originally had.  I am also happy with the repair of remote. Thank you very very much for resolving these problems. BL

12/18/17 – Works very well, very happy with the service, it is great, we use Maz Satellite at home for many years—adios GG

12/05/17 – Could not be happier with my TV service provided by Maz Satellite. It always works, have great programming, and installation was a breeze. Thank you Paul and Francisco for your great client-oriented service! I have also recommended Maz Satellite to other people, and the experience has always been positive. JF

11/04/17 – Whenever I have a problem I call Francisco and it is taken care of in a very short time. Overall I am very satisfied with Maz Satellite. FT

10/23/17 – Thanks to you and Francisco I have satellite TV again. Appreciate your help. PJP

10/21/17 – When Shaw Canada cut my service off cause I am in Mexico full time I gave Maz Satellite a call to see if I could salvage anything. In the end I was able to keep both my recievers and got the programing I wanted. Service was that day and in a couple of hours was up and running! Thanks Maz Satellite!! DA

10/19/17 – Thank you for the good service which you gave my Father on his Mazatlan Property. All the best. BS

10/16/17 – Francisco did an EXCELLENT JOB putting in my dishes…Thanks. PW

09/28/17 – Having Shaw TV in Belize is a blessing! We are able to watch most of our football games every Saturday and Sunday. We also have US stations as well as the Canadian stations. The service is great, and the only times we have trouble receiving transmission is when it rains, which is expected with satellite. Thank you for offering your service in Belize. TS

09/27/17 – We had excellent service! Muchos Gracias FM

09/07/17 – Thank you so much Paul. I really appreciate your service. RT

09/05/17 – Excellent! Thanks as always for the service that you & Francisco provide. MKP

08/20/17 – I am really happy with the service your team preformed with the installation and what a huge selection of programming available. Really happy I selected you and Shaw! EC

5/25/17 – Have had absolutely no problem with either reception or service! GB

5/17/17 – Thanks for you’re continued good service, i appreciate everything thanks once again VG

1/18/17 – I am very happy with the service and the help i received during the last year from Paul and Francisco. JC

1/17/17 – Very very happy with Maz Satellite. Three years had no problem. Thank you. AB

1/11/17 – Great service, use it here in Mexico and back in Arizona. All we have to do carry our receiver back and forth. Very convenient and great service at a great price! BS

12/28/16 – Great people, great service! Not one complaint ever! MP

1/16/15 – We have had MazSatellite for several years now and could not be happier with the product and the service. We have wonderful TV viewing and have always had fantastic service. Thanks!! S&KL

1/14/15 -I can just say that Shaw has improved my quality of life after changing from Megacable and has kept me in touch with the US and Canada regarding news, domestic and foreign.  I also enjoy the sports coverage in English although my Spanish is good enough to handle most of the programming if it were in the local language.  Just keep the price down or affordable and I will continue to subscribe. All matters that can be handled by phone have been handled by Paul and Francisco in a timely fashion and i am satisfied with the service here in MZT. JJ

1/14/15 – I’ve been impressed with the consistent service and value I have received from MazSatellite since we started with them two years.  When we had a problem with the satellite line a few months ago Paul lined up a repairman on a Sunday and had the problem fixed within 24 hours!  Wonderful product and great customer service. FH

1/13/15 – I realize Maz Satalite is the best we can do here and its always a pleasure to deal with you, thanks. JG

1/13/15 – We are very pleased with your service from beginning to end.  Installation, problem solving, answering questions, and so on. We would recommend your service to anyone. B&CM

1/13/15 -Thanks to Mazatellite as they offered us a better channel selection than dish, which we had for several years here in Mazatlan. It has required learning new different channels, but the selections is great.Thanks to the Mazatellite team for their assistance. RS

10/1/13 – Mazatlan Sales and Service,
Thank you to Paul for all his help and guidance leading to the installation and set up of my programing. I was searching for an alternate program provider after my Canadian supplier changed it’s business model. Having recently purchased a home in La Cruz, and being Canadian, I was in a crisis when I found out that I could not get my hockey fix.

Voila! Mazatlan Satellite to the rescue and with an office in Calgary, who better than Maz Sat. to get me squared away. Not only did they have the solution, Paul was very generous in pointing out how I could save money as well! Think  about it! Paul worked with me through the whole process, step by step, making sure I was satisfied with my programing and picture quality. I highly recommend Paul and MazSatellite for any of your viewing needs.
Thank you, Saludos. AM

8/31/13 – Thanks very much Paul. I am very impressed with your service. Good job!!!!!! Cheers. FP

8/24/13 – Been there since day one.  Very knowledgeable, quick response, and a pleasure to deal with. BG

8/20/13 – We have been very pleased with service of Mazatlan Digital Satellite Service Entertainment. RDR

8/19/13 – Great and very quick service with no issues what so ever. I put my order in at 12.30 and was watching the golf by 4. Outstanding. SN

8/18/13 – Great service…. Thanks. R&B

8/18/13 – I love the quality of service and the great value for money that Maz Satellite provides. I would recommend them to anyone! SL

8/14/13 – I am satisfied with your product and service. GH

8/13/13 – Paul is always available to be of assistance. WN

8/9/13 – YOU ROCK. Just Peachy. Yours truly, KR

8/8/13 – Service has been excellent. RK

8/7/13 – Love my Connection to the wider world and service. AB

8/6/13 – We have been very happy with the service in Mazatlan. CH

8/6/13 – We love Maz Satellite selection and their wonderful customer service. K&S

8/6/13 – Good service. XJ

8/6/13 – Good prompt & reliable service. DC

8/5/13 – Great, personal service. Very knowledgeable and efficient equipment setup. F&M

8/2/13 – We have been with Maz Satellite for several years now and are very satisfied customers.  The service is excellent.  The reception is the best and having both the West / East coast channels is an extra that you don’t get with DirecTV up North.   We can watch programs at an earlier time on the Detroit channels and allows us to toggle back and forth between the channel lineups so we don’t miss any of the scheduled broadcastings.   We definitely would recommend Maz Satellite for your viewing pleasure.  Paul will quickly get you scheduled for service and keeps you updated on any changes and Francisco was prompt and professional getting us installed and connected so we could sit in our easy chairs and watch our favorite programs.  What more could you ask for!  Kudos to Maz Satellite! J&M

8/1/13 – The service has always been top notch and I really enjoy all my sports channels. C.P.

7/30/13 – Excellent Customer Service. J&A

7/29/13 – Worked out all the problems while we having the system installed in a timely manor. D.T.

7/29/13 – I love it. E.P.

7/29/13 – So far we have been very pleased with the service provided by you. PJ

7/29/13 – Very responsive, personal service. P.H.

7/29/13 – Great service. H.W.

7/29/13 – Best English TV available but Canada centric. J.S.

7/28/13 – Satisfied. B.M.

7/28/13 – Great service, thank you. N.L.

7/28/13 – MazSatellite say what they will do and do what they say. You are in good hands. SMM

7/28/13 – Great service and exceptional help when needed. R&S

7/28/13 – We find Maz Satellite provides exceptional service at a very reasonable cost. Dealing with Paul is always a pleasure because of his positive attitude and willingness to work with you. M.S.

7/28/13 – Excellent service. Very knowledgable and helpful. R&R

7/28/13 – Have had excellent service from MazSatellite. Paul has always been helpful with any problems or questions. Highly recommend them. R.T.

7/28/13 – Great value and service. W.M.

7/28/13 – Excellent service. So glad I subscribe with you. Have no complaints at all. Thanks a lot. B.M.

7/28/13 – Very pleased with the service. K.A.

7/28/13 – Update: No problems – at least not yet! All is well. 6/16/13 – My TV system is working well. A good job was done – and quickly. Thanks. GK

7/28/13 – My service has been excellent, easy payment method, and great information updates. D.A.

7/28/13 – All’s well. R.R.

7/28/13 – Xcellent service, response and tech knowledge. Great. E.S.

7/28/13 – Best service related company in all of Mazatlan!!!! Reliable, dependable, honest and every email and/or call is answered quickly and professionally. Quality of reception is superb. H.R.

7/26/13 – What`s not to like! East and West coast feeds, baseball from every ballpark in the country, 5 or 6 football games every Sunday, plus all the movies! Fantastic!!! MS

7/19/13 – Maz Satellite…a real option in Mazatlan.  It has tons of channels including US & Canadian & HD.  Just signed up last month and it is great.  Far better than Mexican DISH or Megacable cause they only have limited channels in English. L.K.

6/18/13 – Great personalized service. Wish we had service like this back home. M & F

6/18/13 – I am one of the satisfied customers of MazSatellite. Paul is a very helpful and accommodating manager and the service is excellent. CH

6/18/13 – I have been with Maz Satellite for 3 years and the experience has been nothing but good. The quality of our TV reception is as good or better than the US. We have a few problems during some storms but very seldom here in Mazatlan. Paul and Francisco have always been very responsive when my system did not work or needed to be downloaded. JS

6/18/13 – MazSatellite – reliable and dependable personal service taking care of all our television viewing needs when in Mazatlan. Definitely recommend this service! G+M

6/17/13 – We watch the Shaw satellite programming here in Mazatlán provided by Maz Satellite. We are happy with their service and with the programming, everything works as advertised, and at a very fair price. Paolo

6/17/13 – Having MazSatelite as my TV provider has been not only a value added to my expat life in Mazatlan but a revelation as to the excellence in service that we can all expect here. Many of us move to Mexico with preconceived notions of poor service and hard to find commodities. Not so! MazSatelite is a good example of dispelling this notion. One easy call, a quick and professional installation and I were good to go! Thank you MazSatelite. Kate

6/13/13 – Love the way you take care of your customers. AB